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Arc Guard TVOC-2


Safety for your most valuable resources

The Arc Guard TVOC-2 builds on the well-appreciated TVOC design and offers unmatched arc monitoring. With over 35 years of experience, Arc Guard System ™ has become an industry standard in several key markets, helping to protect personnel and businesses around the world. The TVOC-2 is an optical detection system that together with an external breaker can limit the damage done to personnel and equipment in case of an arc accident happening. 

Main benefits

  • Increased safety to personnel and equipment
  • Minimizes downtime after arc accident has happened
  • Easy-to-read interface makes reading status information quick and easy
  • Simple start-up menu quickens installation and setup
  • Can easily be expanded with up to 30 sensors to increase cabinet coverage from a single TVOC-2
  • No calibration needed ensures reliable function and quick installation.

Main features

  • DIN-rail or screw mounting
  • Detachable key-pad with full-text display (can even handle two HMIs)
  • SIL-2 certified according to IEC 61508 and IEC 62061 ensures extremely reliable function
  • Rated supply voltage: 100-240 V AC and 100-250 V DC. Also 24-48 VDC is available
  • Modbus RTU communication protocol.

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The Arc Guard TVOC-2 can be DIN-rail or screw mounted. 

Factory calibration reduces installation time and risk of faulty calibrations done on site. 

To the right you can spin the TVOC-2 around to see how it looks.