ABB E6 extension module offers unrivalled arc flash detector reliability

ABB E6 extension module offers unrivalled arc flash detector reliability

Providing real-time knowledge of arc flash detector failures, ABB’s E6 extension module for supervised optical detectors provides higher levels of safety and reliability for the ABB Arc Guard System TVOC-2.

An arc flash is one of the most serious potential hazards in an electrical installation, capable of causing injury to people and damage to equipment. Arc flashes expel large amounts of energy that can reach temperatures as high as 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit, hotter than the surface of the sun.1 Although underreporting makes it difficult to determine the true state of play, a report published in Industrial Safety and Hygiene News estimated that, on average, there are 30,000 arc flash incidents in the US every year.2

When an arc flash occurs, time until arc interruption is one of the most critical factors, since it is directly proportional to the amount of energy released. With the market-leading reaction time of less than one millisecond, combining the E6 extension module’s supervised detectors with the Arc Guard SystemTM TVOC-2 creates the most reliable solution of its kind.

Combining the TVOC-2’s fastest tripping times with zone selectivity capabilities, real-time updates via the unit’s HMI, Modbus RTU communication and remote monitoring ABB Ability™ Energy & Asset Manager ensures users are informed immediately if detectors are cut or disconnected.

The E6 extension module also minimizes downtime after an arc fault, requires no on-site calibration, ensures quick installation, and can be easily expanded with up to 20 sensors to increase cabinet coverage from a single TVOC-2.

By supervising the arc flash detectors, the E6 extension module provides operators with peace of mind that all detectors are fully working. And, with detectors tested every 10 seconds maintenance costs are reduced significantly and installations can be operated continuously.

Nuisance tripping due to strong light can be minimized with a CSU-2 Current Sensing Unit, an accessory to the TVOC-2. The CSU-2 identifies the current increase associated with an arc flash. When adding the CSU-2, the system detects the light and increase of current, in addition to determining the intensity of light. This maintains the protection levels required to protect personnel and equipment while safely minimizing nuisance tripping.

“ABB’s E6 extension module with supervised detectors provides a unique combination of benefits. Offering the fastest tripping time in the market leads to less damage, less danger and less downtime. In the event of any disconnected or cut detector cables, the extension module updates the main unit in real-time, identifying the location needing maintenance,” said Kevin Perdon, ABB Smart Power’s Global Product Manager for External Digital Units.

Find out more about how ABB’s arc flash mitigation solutions prevent and mitigate the effects of arc flash events, and Arc Guard System’s class-leading safety levels: 





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