IEC air insulated switchgear UniGear ZS1

Medium voltage switchgear for primary distribution up to 24 kV suitable for indoor installations

UniGear ZS1 is the ABB mainline switchgear for primary distribution up to 24 kV, 4 000 A, 63 kA.
The switchgear is manufactured worldwide and there are more than 500 000 panels currently installed.
UniGear ZS1 is used to distribute electric power in a variety of demanding applications such as on off-shore platforms, in container or cruise ships, in mines as well as in utility substations, power plants or chemical plants.
Panels are available as a single busbar, double busbar (two busbar systems, two busbar-disconnectors and one circuit-breaker or two busbar systems, two circuit-breakers compartments - this version is called duplex), or double level solution.

Product range

  • Up to 12 / 17.5 kV, ...4 000 A, ...63 kA
  • Up to 24 kV, ...3 150 A, 31.5 kA

Key benefits

  • ABB mainline switchgear for primary distribution up to 24 kV, 4 000 A, 63 kA
  • Manufactured and supported on six continents
  • Approved for use in special applications such as marine, seismic and nuclear
  • Variety of demanding applications

Key features

  • Standards: IEC, CSA, GOST, GB/DL
  • Design: LSC-2B, PM
  • Internal arc class: A FLR
  • Highly customized versions available
  • Switchgear can be back to wall installed
  • Available in Digital version

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