25 years’
of non-stop performance

Since 1999, users have trusted UniGear to get power to where it needs to be: safely, reliably, sustainably, non-stop. With exceptional performance at every level – from individual components to whole installations – UniGear provides an uninterrupted power supply to industrial companies and utility providers. So they can be confident in operational and commercial success, and secure in their network uptime and performance. Quite literally non-stop.


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Ready for the next 25 years

With over 700,000 panels sold, we’re just getting started. UniGear’s proven performance and continually expanding range can set you up for the future: going way beyond today’s standards and helping you address the challenges of tomorrow, from sustainability to network usage increases.

Customer Success Stories for Smart Solutions

UniGear for every use case

Our highly customizable and versatile product range enables you to specify exactly what you need, across different voltages, currents and short-time withstand current ratings. Whatever you require from your medium-voltage air-insulated switchgear, UniGear can provide it. Discover the possibilities across various product lines.
UniGear ZS1
Our leading solution for primary distribution with a rated voltage level of up to 24 kV.

UniGear ZS2
Rated voltage level of up to 36 kV.

UniGear ZS3.2
Rated voltage level of up to 40.5 kV.

Talk to our UniGear experts

Every installation is different, and has its specific priorities, challenges and available space. That’s why we would be happy to arrange a consultation with our experts to discuss how UniGear can work best for your operation, and which solutions are optimal.
Over 25 years, we have enabled non-stop performance in countless electrical networks – and we can do the same for you.

Why choose UniGear?

UniGear is designed and engineered for safe and reliable performance that powers successful, sustainable operations. But UniGear isn’t only about technical specifications. It's about the whole experience it enables for the operational teams that specify and work with them, as well as for the service technicians.
Here’s what you can look forward to:

Safety beyond the standard.
The safety and quality of UniGear components and installations is supported by our global footprint and service teams, dedicated testing to exceed IEC standards, and the trust already placed in us by some of the world’s most complex and demanding operations.
We don’t just provide switchgear we provide peace of mind.
We know that reliable network performance is the number one priority, and downtime is too costly to risk. That’s why UniGear offers exemplary reliability, ease of monitoring and maintenance, and flexibility to suit your needs. So you can forget network worries and focus on what’s important to you.
Enabling a sustainable energy transition.
Switchgear is an integral part of the power distribution networks of tomorrow – handling more throughput than ever while achieving efficiency and sustainability gains. With UniGear, you get energy and equivalent CO2 savings you can measure - e.g. with this calculator.
A smart choice for ROI.
UniGear solutions can lower capex, enable business resilience, minimize expensive downtime, and futureproof businesses against growing challenges and demands.

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