Smarter safety

Low- and medium-voltage arc flash mitigation solutions for greater protection and productivity

The occurrence of an arc flash is a serious fault within a power system. Its destructive impacts can lead to severe personnel injuries, costly equipment damage and long outages.

ABB offers a wide range of solutions to prevent and mitigate the effects of arc flash events, thus enhancing safety, minimizing damage and reducing downtime.

Because safety is not a cost, it is an investment.

Arc flash mitigation solutions are essential because they save lives. But that’s not all. Taking the right precautions today can save you time and money in the future: protecting people and assets, reducing the cost of injuries and damage, limiting downtime and maintenance requirements.

Design principles

There are three design philosophies which protect operator and equipment in the event of an arc flash incident, one or more may be adopted within the same switchgear.


Passive arc flash protection solutions 


Switchgear designed and tested to mechanically withstand the electric arc. Protection is afforded

by the containmentof the arc within the switchgear. Passive solutions also include advanced switchgear

design features to reduce the probability of an arc flash occurring,


Active arc flash mitigation solutions 


Switchgear equipped with devices and solutions to limit the arc incident energy and consequently limit the damage to the equipment.


Preventive arc flash protection solutions 


Switchgear equipped for remote operation, so that standard operations such as switching, diagnostic and operational monitoring, racking in/out, etc. can be conducted outside of the dangerous arc flash exposure area. Preventive solutions also include the predictive maintenance of assets

IEC low- and medium-voltage solutions

ANSI/UL low- and medium-voltage solutions

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