ABB Ability™ AIS for MV – UniSec Digital

The proven solution for medium-voltage secondary distribution switchgear now safer, smarter and more sustainable

With UniSec Digital you gain unprecedented flexibility for any application. The digital solution takes full advantage of well-proven components of ABB’s medium-voltage switchgear: current and voltage sensors together with protection and control relays with IEC 61850 digital communication to ensure a reliable, robust and efficient electrical network.

UniSec Digital helps to ease many of the practical challenges you face in today’s complex applications such as knowing the actual operating conditions, load conditions and safety risks,  thus simply having less to worry about in your electrical network.

Increased safety and availability of your switchgear is ensured with UniSec Digital as it is equipped with a permanent condition monitoring solution with features such as temperature monitoring, environmental condition monitoring, circuit breaker monitoring and partial discharge monitoring . It is further connectable to the ABB Ability Asset Manager, ABB’s online condition monitoring system, which optimizes maintenance schedules and reduces operational cost.

Product range
UniSec Digital solution is available for the complete UniSec platform ensuring the flexibility of the portfolio.

A - Protection relay
IEC 61580 communication
GOOSE messaging
Circuit breaker condition monitoring
Internal Arc time reduction (Option)

B - Monitoring and diagnostic
Local HMI and data concentrator
On premise mobile App
Temperature monitoring

C - Digital documentation
Available via QR code

D - Voltage sensors

E - Current sensors


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Key benefits

  • Safety: Current and voltage sensors with low energy output and without saturation effect and GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event) messaging over IEC 61850 protocol make switchgear continuously self-supervised. Temperature sensors permanently monitoring electrical joints and environment sensors monitoring the operating conditions and inform if critical levels are reached.
  • Savings: Investment costs are optimized through reduction of space, weight, spare parts and energy consumption. Operating costs are optimized through condition monitoring and identification of maintenance needs.
  • Speed: Current and voltage sensors instead of traditional equipment reduced time from order to delivery and late customization is always possible. Horizontal exchange of GOOSE and IEC 61850 help reduce wiring, accelerates testing and commissioning times.
  • Sustainability: With lower energy losses the environmental impact is minimized, and CO2 levels decreased
  • Simplicity: Digital communication has fewer wires to install, quick commissioning and maintenance thanks to IEC 61850 and GOOSE communication

Key features

  • Exceptional flexibility in engineering, commissioning and during operation
  • Shorter delivery time as a result of faster manufacturing and commissioning
  • Lower cost of operation due to reduced maintenance cycles
  • Enhanced reliability and safety with continuous condition monitoring and risks assessment
  • Reduced operational costs with reduced maintenance cycles

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