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For buildings of the future, today

Imagine the building of tomorrow shaped by ABB Ability™ technology of today. We are working together to create workplaces where anything is possible. Through intelligent and automatic lighting, air-conditioning, heating and movement detection, we make greater energy efficiency and increased security easier than ever. With digital solutions everything can even be controlled remotely, giving you complete control wherever you are, whenever you need it most.

Frozen Music - ABB in Architecture

We are excited to announce the 2nd season of Frozen Music! After a wonderful journey with you in our 1st season of Frozen Music videos, we would like to take you along to new and exciting buildings around the globe.

Watch the video series

Smarter solutions for different building types

Every building has unique requirements, therefore, our innovative portfolio provides the flexibility in designing and implementing building solutions that adapt easily to individual needs. Moreover, your investment is secured for future modifications and extensions, especially when the building is to be used for a different purpose.

Why ABB?

With ABB's smarter building solutions, you can take advantage of ABB's expertise and know-how of building automation in both the electrical and mechanical building systems. From the individual components through systems and a choice of communications protocol platforms, ABB can support a broad range of requirements. 

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