Property safety

Everything under control, wherever you want it

There’s more to making buildings smarter than just remotely controlling room temperatures or automatically controlling lighting. A fully integrated system not only offers you convenience, it also makes your buildings more secure, more energy efficient and will save you money. What’s more, ABB Ability™ software gives you a complete overview of your smart buildings from anywhere, at any time.

Emergency lighting

Join us one step ahead in safety. Whether you are planning, installing, managing or renewing emergency lighting our products, systems and services always offer you smart, state-of-the-art, highly user friendly solutions. From office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals to stadiums, factories and train stations, our emergency lighting provides 24-7 protection to you, your visitors and employees.


Over-voltage protection

Lightning strikes or network disruptions can cause heavy damage to TV, video and hi-fi systems. ABB protects your electronic devices effectively against over-voltages. The majority of cases of damage go back to unforeseen voltage fluctuations in power networks, and in telephone, TV and radio cables or buslines in building automation. That is why reliable protection against over-voltages and surges must include all possible accesses. It protects not only against property damage and loss of data, but also against possible fires and injury to persons. The ABB surge protective devices with QuickSafe technology detect rises in temperature very quickly and protects your electronic systems in case the temperature reaches values which are deemed to be dangerous. By means of an integrated backup system the surge protective device still provides comprehensive safety even at the end of its service life.



Earthing, grounding and lightning protection

ABB’s earthing and lightning protection solutions are made for industry, commerce and utilities, covering IEC/EN, NFC, UL and NFPA standards. With Research & Design Centres in France, the UK and USA, we ensure our products and services best meet customer needs for protecting life, property and electronic systems from the dangers of lightning and earth-fault currents. You benefit through our earthing andlightning protection solutions due to increased safety with code compliant products, reliable & high quality manufactured components, low installed costs through intelligent design and services support and technical advice.



Protection against current line and arc faults

We learn at an early age that electrical appliances have to be handled with care, e.g not to mix electricity and water. Misuse and wrong handling of electrical appliances can lead to damages and injures, so there is even more to take into consideration to keep your building and the people within safe. Short-circuits and overloads can affect the electrical circuit, resulting in damages of the electrical installation.
With miniature circuit breakers (MCB) you can protect your installations against those threats, guaranteeing reliability and safety for operations. Residual current devices (RCD) make sure that people are protected against life-threatening indirect contact with electricity. Each year many fires start due to faults in the electrical installation, and often these occur as a result of dangerous arc faults. By early detecting those arc faults and disconnecting the affected circuit arc fault detection devices (AFDD) offer reliable and complete protection for persons and valuable assets in any type of building. 



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