An aesthetic ambience is always built by details

Great design is fundamental to providing people with exactly what they need and desire in their lives. As well as pleasing aesthetically, it should also have a strong element of functionality to help people make the best possible use of their surroundings. 

ABB's attention to detail extends to everything from the initial concept to the finishing touches, from the smallest contact to the most functional surface. All with a view to creating something that leaves people feeling inspired and in control.

From light switches to door entry systems, blind control to full Building Management Systems our holistic portfolio offers you the functionality to meet all your requirements, ensuring a stylish, uniform appearance with attention to the finest detail.

Frozen Music - ABB in Architecture

We are excited to announce the 2nd season of Frozen Music! After a wonderful journey with you in our 1st season of Frozen Music videos, we would like to take you along to new and exciting buildings around the globe.


Award winning design

ABB products are not only some of the most technologically advanced on the market, they’re also recognized for being some of the most beautiful. Whatever the shape, whatever the form, ABB impresses with the diversity of its designs and is continuously coming up with fresh, new ideas that combine design and functionality, enabling a customer’s vision for their building to come true time and time again. 

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