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Digital and smart technologies and their increasing relevance to buildings and cities are an important factor in the architectural design process today.

Architects are facing high expectations on the design, function and performance of a building. The ability to implement secure technology that offers control and reduction of energy consumption and the overall carbon footprint of a building is a key element.

If the same technology additionally provides safety to the inhabitants and easy steering for them of anything from light, blinds to air-quality and climate, it offers high comfort to the user and is an excellent tool for a successful building.



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Katrin Foerster

Global Key Account Manager
Architects and Interior Architects

"In any building the context defines the future proof and optimal solution. With ABB technologies, architects can also fulfill complex demands on sustainable and environmentally friendly design, and at the same time take care of the wellbeing and comfort of residents. No matter what size or purpose the building is."





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