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Being able to automatically control your building not only adds flexibility to building management, it has a positive effect on efficiency, security and productivity too. With products and services such as movement detectors, harmonious lighting, door communication, automated heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and shutter management, ABB offers a range of possibilities to put building control firmly into your hands.

Home and building automation

With innovative, integrated solutions under one roof, we want to make buildings intelligent and shape the future. With energy-efficient and future-oriented technology, we want to ensure that people feel at home in buildings, have a maximum sense of security and can work in a sustainably productive way. From the modern family home to the exclusive luxury hotel. Worldwide, from a single source.


KNX the global standard for building automation

The demand for building management systems is continuously increasing as well as the demand for comfort and versatility in the management of e.g. lighting, blinds, heating, air-conditioning, and energy savings. Thanks to ABB i-bus® KNX all the essential building applications can be easily controlled, monitored and signalled via a unform system.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning solution

ABB ClimaECO combines heating, ventilation and air conditioning in one holistic solution, a true ecosystem based on the worldwide standard for Home and Building Control, ABB i-bus® KNX. From central control and management of heating and cooling systems down to room-level automation, ABB ClimaECO simplifies the implementation of intelligent automation in modern buildings.


Door entry system

With the ABB door entry systems, you won’t compromise impressive style for innovative technology. For the system is more than just a door video system – it is the future of smart building monitoring and security at your fingertips. Depending on your requirements for a smart building, you have the choice between the 2-wire system or an IP system.


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