Building Solutions for Healthcare

Have you ever considered a healthy building as the best partner for medical staff and patients healing process?

ABB offers complete, integrated and flexible solutions for hospitals, nursing or retirement homes and clinics, aiming at ensuring safe and reliable operations, system uptime and to meet capacity demand.
Full system visibility and actionable insights will help you minimize cost and risk and maximize performance and safety across your operations.

Why choosing ABB Building Solutions for Healthcare?

Performance & Benefits

Change the function of the spaces without major reconstruction or investment to face sanitary challenges.

Performance & Benefits

Reduce carbon footprint of healthcare operations and achieve green or LEED’s certification.

Performance & Benefits

Improve indoor environmental quality for medical staff and daily occupiers like patients and relatives.

Performance & Benefits

Autonomously optimize energy operating with the least amount of electricity ensuring continuous operations.

Performance & Benefits

Always ensure the best conditions for medical and support staff to operate at their best performance.

Performance & Benefits
Cost of Ownership

Obtain full transparency of operational and maintenance costs over the building lifecycle.

Performance & Benefits

Integrate secured data flows and connect systems, allowing the most secure sharing of information.

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