ABB equips hospital in Finland with smart power automation system

ABB equips hospital in Finland with smart power automation system

ABB technology at Hospital Nova to manage the power distribution network, which rivals a small Finnish town, in scale

Finland’s universal healthcare program caters to more than five million residents and is recognized as a global benchmark. Being a part of the healthcare system, the Central Finland Health Care District, the fifth largest in the country, decided to invest in the new 120,000 square meters hospital complex. With an area spanning more than 17 football pitches or 80 times as big as a hockey rink, Hospital Nova has a power distribution network that is equivalent to that of a small Finnish town.

Given the complexity of hospital activities, reliable power and efficient energy management are critical to their functioning. Steady supply of electricity is crucial to run operating theaters, intensive care units and emergency rooms, where life-saving equipment is deployed to exacting precision. ABB will deliver a MicroSCADA Pro control and monitoring system, which enables real-time monitoring and control, also including energy metering and reporting capability. Hospital Nova in Jyväskylä is expected to be commissioned in 2020 and aims to be the most modern and efficient of its kind.  

ABB’s new system will streamline electrical operations and trim operating costs, while facilitating quality healthcare for the patients. Advanced communication technology, will enable connection to the low voltage network and the MicroSCADA will provide a more complete view of the power distribution network to ensure reliable power supply to provide high standards of care to patients.

Another special aspect of the power automation system is the integration of several other distribution network devices into the MicroSCADA network. For example, no separate system is needed for energy metering that also monitors heating, plumbing, ventilation and hospital gases.

The local power distribution system operator, Jyväskylä Energy, uses the same network management system and therefore, Jyväskylä’s distribution system operators will also be able to view Hospital Nova’s network. This will enable efficiency and help resolve fault situations more effectively.


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