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Making your building safer than ever.

Building owners or managers cannot afford uncertainty when it comes to their building safety including their emergency lighting fixtures that need to be working properly so that people can easily be guided out to safety in case of an emergency evacuation.

With the Nexus®Pro system, you can concentrate on what matters: letting your smart emergency lighting system manage itself and reduce monitoring and testing times. This will quickly reduce maintenance costs, allowing you to focus on problems quickly and as they happen right from your smart device. 

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System Information

Why Nexus®Pro?

Safety and protection

Reduce human error while enhancing safety for all building occupants by meeting code and compliance and 24/7 monitoring.


Simple, user-friendly app makes emergency lighting management easier and more efficient while reducing maintenance costs.

Robust cybersecurity

Wireless ABB Gateway keeps fixtures secure with Bluetooth mesh technology to exchange data between emergency lighting devices.

Remote monitoring

Designed to easily maintain and test emergency lighting right from your smart device or laptop without the need to visually verify performance or disrupt the power supply.

Scalable and flexible

Gateway can establish a secure wireless connection with up to 200 units. Available offering for institutional, architectural, healthcare and industrial applications.


Sales and training tools



Compatible units


Keep your buildings safe

With all of your emergency lighting management tools in one place, you monitor devices remotely and stay up to date no matter where you are.


Nexus® Wired and Wireless

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