Commissioning has never been easier! From start to finish, Nexus®Pro makes emergency lighting maintenance easier than ever. It saves you valuable time and gives you a competitive advantage.


Perfectly connected

The commissioning of all emergency lighting units is conducted through a mobile or tablet – through our Nexus®Pro App. With its clean, simple interface, the Nexus®Pro app is as fast and easy to set up as it is to navigate.


From emergency lighting signs, battery units, and combination units, Nexus®Pro is optimized for most applications and can connect 200 emergency lighting fixtures per Gateway.

Configuration made easy

The intuitive user guide of the app allows the configuration of Nexus®Pro to be made very quickly via tablet or mobile. To start with, create a hierarchy for your organization. Then add available devices in each building, make sure they are activated, and allocated to the respective floors and rooms. Once the commissioning is complete you can schedule monthly tests, assign devices to different groups – with the same testing schedule, manage your properties, invite users to join your organization, upload floorplans, and more.

We work with you


Nexus®Pro is an intuitive app that makes emergency lighting management easier than ever. From commissioning to testing, Nexus®Pro saves you time, reduces labor costs, and gives you peace of mind. Get started with Nexus®Pro, today!

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