ABB Tenton®

3-in-1 room control device​

ABB Tenton® is more than just one room control sensor. It is a 3-in-1 device and combines sensors for temperature, humidity and CO2 in addition to room control. With these versatile functions, the building management of both commercial and residential buildings can be fully automated, while architects can rely on a wide range of design options, even in matt colours.

Thanks to the flexible option of flush or surface mounting, ABB Tenton® the room control sensor is available worldwide without restrictions and can be harmoniously integrated into any environment thanks to its elegant design and reduction to a single control panel.


A lot of creative freedom

Clean and elegant design for commercial and residential buildings. Architects can choose from four different colours and rely on creative solutions. Especially the new matt tones are a real eye-catcher!

All at once

3-in-1 device which combines the sensors for temperature, humidity and CO2 in a single device, making it an unique room control unit.

Different function in just one single device provides a better appearance, but also saves space, costs and time during commissioning.

Pure flexibility

ABB Tenton® can be installed both flush- and surface-mounted and can therefore also be used in confined spaces. Thanks to this flexibility, ABB Tenton® can not only be integrated into buildings all over the world without any restrictions, but also ensures an elegant design in any room in combination with the various colour variants.

Products and Documentation

Overview of colors

studio white

aluminium silver

studio white matt

black matt

Standard operating elements and sizes

Customized for you

For the clear designation of the ABB Tenton® control elements a labelling tool is available online with which you can position any text and instructive symbols individually for every product. The respective size can be freely selected from the recommended values. Your entries are displayed the way they will be seen later on the device. And this optionally on a foil in matt black with white text as well as aluminium silver or studio white with black text.

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