Stanilite® Nexus®RF Infinity wireless system

ABB launches a “first-of-its-kind” in monitored emergency and exit lighting

NexusRF Infinity is the latest technology in wireless system monitoring, using a proprietary protocol for radio frequency wireless communication between the fittings and network infrastructure.

Stanilite NexusRF Infinity enables customers to set-up, maintain and control their entire emergency lighting installations digitally. It provides a real-time overview of your system which in turn saves time, enables better maintenance practices and enhances building safety.

NexusRF Infinity gives a digital overview through a mobile optimised web interface, giving users instant information that be can be processed directly from a smart device to assist resource planning and enhance building safety.


Phone:  1800 161 345


Key features and benefits

Backwards compatibility with existing NexusRF installations
Building Management System (BMS) integration
Enhanced IT security features including HTTPS (SSL) encryption and DHCP via Static IP address
Foolproof installation with hassle free mobile phone commissioning
Instant access to system reports from mobile devices
Reliability, simplicity, flexibility, and endless applications

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