Nexus® system

Emergency lighting monitored system

Nexus is a proven, well established and widely installed system for monitoring and testing Stanilite® emergency and evacuation lighting. The Nexus system has been designed to enable maintenance personnel to easily test and maintain the emergency lighting system, without the need to walk through the building to visually verify performance, without the need to disrupt the power supply, and comply with the requirements of AS2293.

Nexus LX, a cabled system design which utilises the lonworks protocol and relies upon data cable for communication between fittings and network infrastructure. A server computer, running Nexus LX software, provides the user interface to the system.

Nexus RF, a wireless system which uses a proprietary protocol for radio frequency wireless communication between the fittings and network infrastructure. This system does not require a server computer, nor does it require data cabling to fittings. User interaction with Nexus RF is via a website browser on any computer with access to the network. Alternatively, the graphical user interface (GUI) integral to the system area controller may be used.

Nexus and customer commitment

We value the customer commitment made when a Nexus system is purchased, and this is clearly demonstrated in the fact that we provide ongoing support for all of our Nexus systems, dating back to the first Nexus data cabled systems installed in 1993.

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