Smart monitoring wired or wireless system to manage emergency lighting with a mobile app

Are you prepared for an emergency?  

Emergency lighting installations must be monitored and tested regularly to ensure they can save lives of building occupants in the event an emergency occurs. 

Naveo®Pro is a transparent and proactive way to allow building owner and facility managers to install, monitor and maintain emergency lighting systems with the ease of a mobile device. The system offers various functionalities to reduce time and costs on inspection and maintenance.

This solution offers uncompromised cybersecurity and allows secure integration of data that enables key benefits for all users of the system.


  • Compatible with a wide range of emergency lighting luminaires
  • One mobile application to manage your emergency lighting installation
  • Quick and easy installation and programming of luminaires
  • Direct logging on-site using your mobile device
  • Uncompromised cyber security and secure data integration with ABB Ability™
  • Optimize the safety of visitors or building users


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Main benefits

24/7 digital overview via Google maps

  • Real time overview of all monitored buildings in Google maps with one easily accessible database accessed from multiple devices
  • Manage your emergency lighting system, while keeping a record of all activity safely in the cloud
  • Instant information to assist resource planning and enhance building safety with the Naveo®Pro app
  • Providing access to data and account management tools to reduce total cost of ownership

Save time and costs on inspection and maintenance

  • Plan your inspection and maintenance ahead based on the status of your safety system provided in the app
  • Process information directly on-site using a mobile device
  • Know instantly when a repair is required with push notifications on your screen
  • Run tests instantly or schedule them to ensure all luminaires are working properly and share test results with others

Fast and intuitive mobile app

  • Transparent, user-friendly app to pro-actively install, monitor and maintain emergency lighting using only your mobile device
  • Constant availability of your systems health status anyplace, anytime, anywhere giving peace of mind on your safety installation
  • Building map overview of all smart monitored buildings via Google maps show precise locations of each luminaire in your building
  • Benefit from the advantages of the latest software version

Choose your technology – Wired or Wireless

Naveo®Pro Wired

  • Reliable in critical conditions (metal walls and doors, high density of insulation)
  • Covers large number of emergency luminaires and long distances 
  • Upgrade your current wired system 

Naveo®Pro Wireless

  • Perfect for 24/7 operational buildings where new wiring cannot be installed 
  • Convert existing installations in one step without the need to rewire 
  • More flexibility to upgrade 

Naveo®Pro mobile app

  • Monitor your building installation at any time independent of your location
  • Plan your inspection, installing and maintenance ahead based on the data your obtain from the system
  • Simple and fast installation and programming of luminaires installed using a QR code or Bluetooth (wireless system only)
  • Schedule function and duration test schedules and collect reports
  • Upload your building maps and have current status and precise location of each emergency lighting luminaire in your building
  • Order via the automatic materials list
  • Direct logging on-site using your mobile device
  • Share test results or status information with others


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