Clinical precision drives hospital emergency lighting excellence

Clinical precision drives hospital emergency lighting excellence

Medical facilities and hospitals are the bastions of safety and demand emergency lighting solutions up to the task of meeting the most stringent safety requirements.

Set against this backdrop, ABB’s Stanilite® Platinum range is in a league of its own, providing measurable value against the priority criteria of these facilities. With more than 150 hospitals across Australia featuring Stanilite emergency lighting, it is the go-to choice of safety-focused facilities managers.

Demanding criteria drive performance

End-user needs are critical considerations when it comes to medical building emergency lighting, such as easy access and egress providing much-needed peace of mind. However, that is simply where it begins.

Operational medical buildings demand the utmost in performance, reliability and compliance to Australian and New Zealand standards. Stanilite’s integration of the latest in LED technology – in the Platinum range exceeding 100,000 hours of lamp life – and lithium iron phosphate battery technology, delivers every time. Where reliable, fast egress is a priority, quality is a point of no compromise. Stanilite’s extended warranties are just one show of confidence in the team’s high manufacturing standards that are regarded as the best in the industry.

Stanilite’s Platinum range now offers the Nexus RF Infinity® monitoring system, an upgrade from the previous Nexus RF system that is available to all existing clients through backwards compatibility with no need for additional hardware.

“Key medical facilities often manage time-sensitive operations and a higher duty of care to the security and sensitivity of the patient experience,” said Stephen Charlton, Global Product Manager (Asia) Emergency Lighting. “That makes remote monitoring and efficient maintenance far more than a ‘nice to have’. They become vital.”

Infinity allows luminaires to be tested in groups, providing flexibility and efficiency to hospital maintenance staff as it prevents the possibility of luminaires not having enough back-up battery power in the event of a power failure shortly after an emergency light test. It also gives teams the ability to schedule testing to avoid impacts on end users, such as avoiding interrupting clinical procedures.

The combination of high-quality hardware and industry-leading software results in whole-of-life value, such as reduced need for replacements and other maintenance, with the least disruption to day-to-day activities.

Hospital upgrade success turns into campus-wide scope

Queensland’s Princess Alexandria Hospital demonstrates the benefits available to clients who choose Stanilite. With the facilities management team concerned at emerging issues in the emergency lighting system, such as inaccurate test reports, hard-to-procure spare parts and growing expenses, they set about finding a new solution.

In 2010, ABB won a discrete package of work to refit the emergency department – a 6-storey structure with more than 700 emergency light fittings selected for their compatibility with the then Nexus RF monitoring system. The gains were so immediate and significant, the hospital expanded ABB’s Stanilite scope to the entire hospital campus – more than 6,000 fittings.

Stanilite’s portfolio had to address numerous building restrictions and mixed architecture types, including the ability to penetrate lead-lined walls, while also offering industry-leading system reliability.

Since the original work was delivered, the hospital has enjoyed benefits such as reduced energy consumption, in places by 85 per cent, due to the switch to more efficient LED lamps. The failure rate has dropped dramatically from around 20 per cent to less than 3 per cent annually. And Stanilite’s Platinum-level technology has removed the need for lamp changes every 6 months – just one feature that has seen a major reduction in ongoing maintenance costs.

The facilities management team is able to run diagnostic tests and commission fittings remotely, reducing the impact on daily hospital operations – a significant win for an active and sensitive medical environment. With Nexus RF also integrated into the building maintenance system, the team can assess performance and drive greater reliability with maximum efficiency and safety assurance. The value has been so demonstrable that the hospital has begun to roll out Nexus RF Infinity.

When safety is not only paramount but life-saving in more ways than one, ABB’s Stanilite Platinum range with the new Nexus RF Infinity is the unquestionable leader.

The number of state and private health departments and aged care facilities moving to roll out Nexus RF Infinity underscores its value. With ABB’s continued commitment to research and development, building on an impressive 45 years of engineering history, the medical sector can only look forward to future innovation in safety.


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