Contactors for railway applications

First-class specialized contactors

The AF..(Z)B can be installed in any environment including passenger or driver cabins, for main or urban line trains, underground trains or trams. Contactors and contactors relays are used in rolling stock applications for lighting, heating, breaking, air conditioning, ventilator and door control.

Main benefits

  • Compact and modular, decreasing the space required in installations by up to 20%
  • Weight reduced by up to 45%, resulting in less energy by axle
  • Optimize logistics thanks to product variants reduced by 90% and only 3 coils to cover control voltages between 24 V DC up to 220 V DC
  • Turn to the environment with low coil holding consumption reduced up to 68%.

Main features

  • 3 and 4-pole contactors, contactor relays
  • Available with screws for standard or ring tongue ferrules
  • Meet all rolling stock standards: IEC 60077-1/2, EN 50155, IEC 61373 cat.1 class B
  • Can reach the most stringent level in fire and smoke behavior without mounting restrictions: EN 45545, hazard level HL2 or HL3, NF F 16-101/102 cat.A1, DIN 5510-2, UNI CEI 11170, ASTM and BSS
  • Electronic coil interface accepting a wide DC control voltage range and managing fluctuation of control voltages used for battery supply
  • ABB has IRIS certification (International Railway Industry Standard).

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