AF contactors selection tool

Step-by-step selection

Finding just the right product from ABB's extensive range of AF contactors might have been a tricky task in the past. Not anymore.
The AF selection tool helps you select the right contactor following a simple step-by-step selection. 

The user-friendly interface allows you to select an AF contactor according to:
- AC-1 and AC-3 utilization categories for IEC standard
- General use & motor use for UL/CSA standard.

Then, after selecting your control supply and requested quantity of auxiliary contacts, the selection is done. You now get access to a technical data sheet, a dimension drawing and a connecting diagram for the selected product. 
Furthermore, if you have an internet connection, you can get more details about the product on the ABB web site along with documentation such as certifications and declarations of conformity. You can then choose to send the selection by email, directly inside the app.


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