Selection and configuration of products and accessories

  • Simple and immediate selection and configuration, even for those not familiar with ABB products, simply by defining  technical features.
  • Product search and selection by entering product code or description.
  • Modification of product configurations already finalized, with considerable time savings.


  • Effective product organization with tree view, so that the user can work methodically, view the relevant product immediately and define the switchboards with ease.
  • Practical and prompt product management using the controls: Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate and Modify.
  • The “Favourites” function to create predefined product lists, to be reused for subsequent projects as well.
  • Personalization options to create customer records, discount profiles and price lists.
  • Print reports with different levels of detail, to meet a wide variety of needs.

Switchboard configuration and engineering

  • Automatic guided design process based on the list of devices, to simplify one of the most complex design stages and avoid compatibility errors between products, assembly kits and busbar systems.
  • Variety of controls to speed up any changes to the initial solution. 
  • Availability of a dedicated module for busbar configuration.
  • Temperature-rise calculation functionality to allow careful optimization of switchboard overall size.

Electrical dimensioning

  • Ease in drawing single-line diagram, both as regards power distribution and command and control circuits.
  • Option to calculate load currents, voltage drops, short circuit currents, in accordance with the standards for the sector. 
  • Automatic process for dimensioning cables and choosing protection equipment, to obtain an optimized result both from the technical and economic standpoint.
  • Flexibility guaranteed by the management of various feed sources and the creation of various system operating scenarios.
  • Availaility of a curve drawing module for smooth and linear checks of cable protection and coordination between protection devices. 
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