Softstarters selection tool

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ABB prosoft is a selection tool for finding the optimal ABB softstarter for your application. With this tool it is easy to specify the behavior of your process and to make ABB prosoft selecting a reliable and cost efficient ABB softstarter to meet your needs.

In ABB prosoft you can select motor data or even pick an ABB motor from a list including almost every motor that ABB delivers. In addition to this, you can define data for main voltage, frequency, altitude and ambient temperature to describe your process. You can choose which type of load you have and the tool will suggest a process behavior. This makes the tool easy to use.

When all data is filled in, a calculation is made to find the optimal ABB softstarter for your application. The tool will give you a starting time and a corresponding starting current, which you can modify if needed. Everything to give you the opportunity to optimize your selection. The calculations are also visualized with graphs.

Based on the input data and the calculation, a number of ABB softstarters will be presented, representing the optimal selection within the ABB softstarter range. You will find the selection of PSR, PSS, PSE, PST and PSTB for inline connection with motor and for PSS, PST and PSTB for inside delta connection. For any selected softstarter, a report can be created, which you can send to your customers or colleagues. The report contains all the input data, the calculations and the resulting selection of softstarter together with graphs showing the starting torque and current. 

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