Emax 2 - IEC

For applications in accordance to IEC 60947 Standards

E1.2 offers 1,600A with breaking capacity up to 66kA, and withstand current of 50kA for 1 second. It enables switchgear of 66kA to be built in units of 400mm, which are indispensable in places where reduced dimensions are essential, such as in naval and offshore installations.

E2.2 enables ratings of up to 2,500A to be achieved in switchgear with a width of 400mm. In addition, it provides short-circuit currents up to 100kA and withstand current of 85kA for 1 second.

E4.2 is the new 4,000A circuit-breaker, designed to withstand high short-circuit and withstand currents of 100kA for 1 second without the need for particular precautions.

E6.2 is the top of the range model with a breaking capacity of up to 200kA and a structure that allows 6,300A to be reached in switchgear, even in complex installation conditions.

Technical catalogue - Edition 10.2015 Emax 2 New low voltage air circuit-breakers

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