Advanced digitalization, simplified

The all-new ABB Novolink™ devices help digitalize your motor starting solutions and gain insights into the connected loads. They're easy to design into existing wiring plans and connect to standard AF contactors.

Installation is fast and simple, thanks to reduced wiring and fewer components, so your engineering efforts are minimized.The Novolink devices enables predictive maintenance to reduce downtime, as well as increasing efficiencies and boosting cost savings.
It‘s fully integrated into the B&R automation system. And the possibilities open up even more as full remote access to your data creates new maintenance service and revenue opportunities.

Simple design and commissioning:
- Reduced engineering through a range of integrated components
- New service models through improved analysis and data-driven decision making

Optimized operation and maintenance:
- Cost reduction and maximization of energy efficiency

So, to simplify engineering, optimize operations, save time and cut costs, think Novolink.

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