Motor protection


Motors are the most used machines in the industrial environment and the energy consumed by motors is about 75% of the total consumption. That’s why a reduction in power consumption can be important for both business management and the improvement of power efficiency. Such reduction can be achieved using variable speed drives with inverters, implementing power factor correction to avoid incurring fines or, even more directly, using high-efficiency motors.


Furthermore, the safety and reliability of any solution are important and must be considered when designing and selecting a system to manage motor starting and protection. Starting, switching, and protecting three-phase asynchronous motors are critical issues, in particular when considering overloads and fire hazards.


ABB offers several solutions to guarantee safe operations: from the startup parameters of the standard Ekip trip units up to the dedicated Ekip M series.



• Overload protection
• Rotor blockage protection
• Short-circuit protection
• Phase unbalance protection
• Earth fault protection
• Undercurrent protection



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