Time to reduce. Time to redefine.

Reduce the energy impact and redefine the efficiency standard in Data Center cooling with ABB solutions.

In the fast-paced world of digital infrastructure, cooling systems are pivotal in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of data centers and safeguarding against costly downtime. Yet, they face mounting pressure to strike a balance between efficiency and environmental impact, representing a significant 40% of total data center energy consumption.

Redefine the efficiency of Data Center cooling with us!

Our innovative solutions for motor starting and protection are engineered to meet the increased demands of your cooling systems.
By reducing power usage, risks of electrical downtime, and installation costs, we enable you to redefine the efficiency standard of Data Center cooling.

What you will get?

life cycle managment

Continuous operations

ABB solutions safeguard fan and pump motors in cooling systems, reducing chiller system failure by 10% and preventing Data Center downtime.


Energy efficiency

Cut control circuit energy use by up to 80% with our efficient solutions and AF technology, minimizing heat and temperature rise.


Ease of installation

Cut control panel assembly time by 50% with our user-friendly accessories and connection sets, saving on labor and installation costs, and speeding time to market.


Compact control panels

Maximize chiller control panel space with our compact solutions, saving up to 35% and reducing costs.

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