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Your changing power needs demand smarter solutions that improve connectivity and optimize reliability.

Facing these complex challenges requires a holistic approach. Our Applications focus on your needs, offering packages of proven solutions, designed for your industry and flexed to you. It’s a smarter, simpler way to solve challenges.

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Our tried-and-tested Applications simplify the process: faster selection, easy installation, and quicker results.

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ABB’s deep domain expertise offers proven solutions and expert support, all tailored to your sector’s challenges.

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Minimize unplanned downtime with tried-and-tested solutions designed for easy integration.



Reduce complexity, avoid design errors and speed up your process with ready-made solutions.

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Data centers in selectivity in UPS

Thanks to our pre-tested solutions you can faster achieve UPS selectivity and ensure continuity of service in Data Centers.

Continuous power for main distribution boards

By applying the IEC 61850 communication protocol you can enhance the coordination from utility to IT loads.

Power quality for process loads

Thanks to our solutions it’s easier to avoid network voltage events and mitigate financial losses.

Power quality monitoring

Thanks to our preconfigured bundles you can optimize energy usage and maximize equipment lifecycle.

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