Eden safety sensor is now compatible with most safety modules on the market!

ABB launches a new version of the safety sensor Eden for machine safety solutions.


Eden OSSD is a coded non-contact safety sensor used as interlocking device. An interlocking device is usually mounted on a movable guard, e.g. on a door. Usually a stop command is given when the guard is opened and during this time the hazardous movements are prevented. Eden consists of two units, Adam and Eva.

Eden OSSD makes it possible to reach a PLe:
– with only one Eden OSSD per guard and with no need for periodic checks (see ISO/TR 24119) and
– with up to 30 Eden OSSD connected in series.
With Eva Unique Code, Eden OSSD is a high level coded sensor (EN ISO 14119:2013) and must be used when there is a risk that the operator will prevent the intended function of the safety sensor.

Eden OSSD has OSSD safety outputs signals and can be connected to any safety control module that handles OSSD-signals, both modules from ABB (RT9, RT6 and RT7 safety relays, Pluto and AC500-S Safety PLCs) and other safety control modules on the market.

“Eden with OSSD outputs allows more users to take advantage of the benefits of Eden. The safety sensor offers high reliability in harsh environments, with features such as IP69K and a wide temperature range. The unique integrated reset function reduces design and installation time,” said Elias Agrell, Global Product Manager for Eden.

harshReliable in harsh conditions
With an IP69K protection class as standard and a wide operating temperature range, Eden OSSD withstands extreme environments.

Improve installation efficiencyImprove installation efficiency
Eden OSSD large mounting tolerance, compact dimensions and 360° mounting possibility facilitate its placing. Its M12 connector speeds up installation and exchange.
A local reset light button can be connected directly to Adam OSSD-Reset, thus saving cable length and safety relays/PLC inputs. Adam OSSD-Reset monitors the reset function and manages the reset lamp.

Speed up your processes
Eden OSSD extensive indication and information output facilitates troubleshooting, thus reducing downtime. The large sensing distance gives a better tolerance to vibrations and minimizes the risk of involuntary stops.

Safety and protection
By choosing a safety solution from ABB you benefit from our long experience in machine safety. We offer a complete range of safety products, which makes it easy to build safety systems. When choosing ABB you also have the advantage of the possibility to optimize your solution with only one supplier for safety, automation and robots.

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