ABB’s low voltage solutions for enhanced productivity and protection

Nurnberg, Germany, November 24, 2015 – ABB, a global leader in power and automation, is showcasing its broad portfolio of low voltage products and services to support the efficient and safe operation of the plants of the future (SPS Fair, NürnbergMesse, Halle 4, Stand 420). ABB is well positioned to partner electrical distributors, original equipment manufacturers and installers to support their future requirements.

Head of Industry Standardization for ABB’s Low Voltage Products division, Kai Garrels, commented: “At ABB we can support a range of customers to optimize their electrical power system. Our solutions are like a sophisticated traffic management system, by controlling the flow of the traffic – or in our case the electrical power – we are able to improve the overall productivity and efficiency within a building, data center or factory.

“With increasingly connected solutions – compatible with all the main communications protocols – we can gather data about the performance of individual components or a full system and make high level decisions to optimize how a system works – to protect equipment or people or improve energy management.” 

With various solutions, ABB ensures optimum productivity and safety as the following examples demonstrate:

ABB ensures economical engineering
ABB’s Low Voltage Products division provides solutions enabling efficient engineering processes by reducing the number of product variants, increasing in-built functions and harmonizing accessory ranges.

    • ABB’s AF contactor range with 90% fewer product variants can optimize logistic processes. The contactor has only four coils for the entire voltage range and is designed for all major national and international standards.
    • The MS165 manual motor starter family from 10 – 65 A embraces a harmonized accessory range, which helps reduce inventory levels and optimize logistic processes.
    • ABB’s PSTX soft starter provides integrated functionalities thus avoiding additional devices, can reduce the number of components in the panel by 80%, which also lowers the installation time by 60%.
    • The range of SNK pluggable terminal blocks is qualified for worldwide markets and applications. The pluggable technology allows serialized production of pre-wired harnesses, and accelerate panel assembly and testing.
    • Online coordination tables for selection of optimized starter solutions for IE3 motors reduce engineering time
ABB provides solutions for safe and reliable machines & systems 
ABB can provide complete automation solutions including all the products required for complete safety functions, such as sensors, control devices, safety relays and PLCs, manual motor and soft-starters, contactors and motion control drives.
    • Orion light guards provide safe and cost effective optical detection around a machine.
    • Eden non-contact safety sensor is ideal in harsh environments for monitoring multiple doors and hatches.
    • Pluto is a powerful, flexible and cost effective safety PLC for supervising all kinds of safety sensors. ABB has recently launched new Ethernet protocols for either EtherCAT or Sercos III, adding to GATE-EIP and Ethernet/IP.
    • F200 B type is a universal current sensitive residual current circuit breaker RCCB designed for industrial applications where there is an increasing use of devices like frequency converters, medical equipment’s and UPS systems.
ABB offers attractive solutions to save energy

In the area of energy management, ABB offers comprehensive know-how and a wide range of low-voltage products that offer operators performance indicators for communicating, transmitting, analyzing and sometimes even automatically routing and regulating electrical distribution.

Interoperability and integration is ensured since ABB’s products can communicate with most globally accepted protocols such as Modbus, M-Bus, KNX, etc. The following products highlight ABB’s offerings:

    • Energy meters are measuring devices for collecting and measuring electricity consumption and are DIN-Rail mounted.
    • M2M network analyzer offers expanded analysis functions that help optimize consumption with maximum efficiency.
    • Circuit monitoring systems (CMS) is a multi-channel electricity measurement system for branch monitoring.
    • SACE Emax 2 air circuit breakers up to 6300 A have been designed to increase efficiency. It is the only breaker that protects electrical circuits and also reduces energy consumption based on the user's needs, to achieve massive reductions in energy waste.

“With increasingly connected solutions we can gather data about the performance of individual components or a full system and make high level decisions to optimize how a system works – to protect equipment or people or improve energy management”  commented Kai Garrels, Head of Industry Standardization for ABB's Low Voltage Products division

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