South American bank eliminates data center shutdowns with ABB maintenance agreement

One of South America’s largest and oldest banks today operates a world-class modern data center at its headquarters. The data center power supply relies on a complex network of circuit breakers, switchboards and drives, but the bank had no preventive maintenance contract for these power components in the past.

The Challenge: Put an end to shutdowns

Recently, the bank experienced some problems with its power equipment, for which it had not sought preventive maintenance. These issues led to costly shutdowns of the data center. The bank’s engineering team contacted ABB to provide an understanding of what had been happening with the devices and to explore the value of a maintenance contract.

The Solution: A maintenance agreement with ABB

ABB provided answers to all of the bank’s technical questions and recommended a preventive maintenance contract. The bank signed an agreement with ABB to maintain 300 Emax X1 circuit breakers, 100 ArTu distribution panels and 15 ACS 550 drives. The second stage of the agreement has been underway since May 2015.

The preventive maintenance process includes steps to increase the lifecycle of equipment, reduce failures and problems, and anticipate any dangerous situation in which customers can be exposed to electrical equipment, and where operations may be interrupted.

Beyond maintaining the equipment, ABB has begun training all of the bank’s technical employees in maintenance techniques and has developed retrofit kits for the old panels to improve the reliability of the overall electrical system. To reinforce the training, ABB’s technical team has conducted biweekly conference calls with the bank’s information technology team, analyzing data from the center to understand how to predict potential new failures before they happen. 

The Results: Zero downtime

Since ABB implemented its preventive maintenance contract with the bank, downtime for the data center has been reduced to zero, with no failures. The center has not needed to shut down for either power problems or the maintenance process itself. The results are an end to data losses from power outages, increased reliability for the data center and improved confidence in its performance.

“ABB’s know-how made the difference in this process,” says Marcel Serafim, service sales manager for Electrification Products division in Brazil. “Our customer has been feeling calm and assured in our diagnostics process and our actions.”

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