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CBV Series

Powerful HVAC control

CBV Series BACnet MS/TP Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC) CBV Series BACnet VAV Controllers are part of the CB Line. 

  • CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N are BTL Listed BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC) with 2 UniPuts, 4 Universal Inputs and 3 Triac Digital Outputs, and an integrated airflow sensor. 

  • CBV-2U4-3T features a Belimo actuator with a brushless DC motor. 

  • The -N variant has a facility for connection to an external actuator. 

  • The CBV-2U4-3T-N can be used in retrofit building applications to help reduce cost by reusing existing actuators. 


The freely programmable CBV Series can be tailored to meet a variety of applications using the pre-loaded and configurable application library or by creating and modifying strategies using CXproHD programming interface. 

The CBV Series is suitable for controlling single duct or fan-assisted Variable Air Volume (VAV) applications. Typical VAV zoning applications include; 

  • Cooling only 
  • Cooling with Reheat 
  • Cooling with Reheat and Perimeter Radiation 
  • Series fan VAV 
  • Parallel fan VAV 
  • Dump box 
  • Room pressurization 

With CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N controllers you can add a demand ventilation application, and occupancy sensors or lighting control to enhance energy savings.


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