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Modern residential house as a flagship project

The single-family home stands out with ultralight concrete, architectural refinement and building automation by ABB 

Situated between a wooded range of hills to the north and an unobstructed view in the southern direction is a modern single-family home in the outskirts of Freising (Bavaria). Its clear design is definitely an eye-catcher. The ground floor has been built using innovative ultralight concrete. Hovering above it is the white upper floor, which protrudes on all sides. The residential house, built by the Fiedler + Partner Architecture Studio from Freising, is embedded in a well-maintained garden. 

A wooden terrace with adjacent lawn, as well as a spacious and sunny roof terrace facing the edge of the woods beckons you to stay and relax. 

Convenient building automation control using ABB-free@home® 

The inviting entry area with oak entrance door is accessed from the inner courtyard. Thanks to the fingerprint module of the ABB-Welcome Video Outdoor Station, residents can enter the house without the need for keys. Once in the building, you are welcomed by a spacious wardrobe area with built-in cabinets and the central control panel of the Smart Home: the ABB-free@homeTouch 7. Through this control panel, you can set up effective lighting scenes, as well as call up individual time programs to control heating and blinds. The touch panel also provides access to the ABB-Welcome Video Outdoor Station. The video shows pictures of visitors who, for example, had been at the door and rang the bell while the homeowners were absent - for improved security in your own home. 

Constructions materials featuring outstanding thermal insulation properties 

The ultralight concrete is made from a mixture of cement and additives like expanded clay, a mineral and ecological material. “The toughest part here: When the concrete is poured into the formwork, it needs to have sufficient viscosity, yet it cannot be too fluid at the same time to prevent it from unmixing,” explains architect and builder Reinhard Fiedler. The concrete has a dry bulk density of 700 kilograms per cubic meter. Its thermal insulation properties approximately correspond to a brick wall of the same thickness with a thermal insulation system. Moreover, the innovative material promises a good indoor climate, since the material can compensate for fluctuations in humidity. 

Smart Home technology can also be controlled from your smartphone

“ABB-free@home® is a modern and cost-effective solution for home automation,” is how Reinhard Fiedler reveals his buying argument. Configuration using the intuitive App is extremely simple. And the best thing is that you can make any change on your own, without the help of an installation technician. In the eyes of Reinhard Fiedler, this is an extremely important factor in achieving top-level convenience. This is because you don’t actually find out what switch configurations or functions really meet the needs of inhabitants until you use the system in your everyday life. 

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