ABB Low voltage distribution system

Safe and reliable electrical distribution

 ABB Low voltage distribution system offers safe and reliable distribution based on InLine ZLBM fuse switch disconnector. It’s a full IP2X protected system consisting of Z-busbar, InLine ZLBM, Z-busbar connectors and Nordicab enclosure.

The system assembly with its components are tested and verified according to IEC 61439-1 & -5; Low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies.

Easy to use

•   Enclosure complete with foundation, pull-out legs and opening for temporary outlet.
•   The foundation has generous space for cabling
•   The cable connectors have been designed to have a minimum number of screw connections and harmonized torque



•   Busbar system, cable connectors and fusegear have been tested for minimum IP2X protection
•   Cable distribution cabinets with IP34D protection
•   Insulated tools for maximum safety during installation


•   A complete system of enclosure, busbar system, cable connectors and fusegear tested together according to applicable standards.
•   Enclosure built on a proven platform
•   Developed for long lifetime and minumum maintenace even in tough environments

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