Air Switch-disconnector at 1500V DC

SACE Emax 2 MS/DC-E is the new Air Switch-disconnector at 1500V DC, available with IEC, UL and CCC approvals.

IEC range has been developed for installations up to 1500V DC and 4000 A, with short-time withstand current (Icw) up to 100 kA. It is compliant with DC-PV2, the most demanding Utilization Category according IEC 60947-3 Annex D.

UL range covers 1500V DC installations in compliance with UL489B (for use with Photovoltaic systems) and UL489F (for use with Battery Power Supplies), with rated short-time current (Icw) up to 100kA. Rated current is up to 2500 A (UL489B and UL489F), and 3200 A (UL489B only).

Main features:

  • Fixed or drawable execution
  • Insulation of one polarity or both polarities
  • Supply & load terminals on top side or bottom side
  • Orientable terminals: horizontal or vertical
  • Provided with shorting busbars (jumpers)
  • Fully compatible with standard Emax 2 accessories
  • Also available as disconnector (DC-20 utilization category) up to 6000A.


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