Low voltage Direct Current air circuit breakers

Direct current is more and more a viable option not only for photovoltaic plants, but also for industrial, marine and data center applications. SACE Emax DC perfectly fits these needs. It is the only air circuit breaker on the market able to protect a DC plant up to 5000A at 1000V DC with integrated electronic trip units.

SACE PR123/DC and PR122/DC trip units have been designed with special current sensors and same technology used on standard SACE Emax, so that same level of reliability and accuracy can be achieved. Voltage measurement modules are available to complete the range of protection functions and to have energy metering on board with no need for any additional external device.

Different configurations can be designed to suit different scenarios in terms of power supply, service voltage, network type and short-circuit breaking capacity. SACE Emax DC is available in three and four pole version, fixed or withdrawable with a complete range of electrical and mechanical accessories

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