SACE New Emax

Air circuit breaker series launched in 2003, was available in different versions and is now limited

SACE New Emax series of air circuit breakers consists of six frames: X1, E1, E2, E3, E4, E6 covering uninterrupted rated current Iu up to 6300A.
SACE New Emax circuit breakers ensured maximum safety in many different ways, such as racking-out with the door closed, degree of protection towards the outside up to IP54, various different safety locks and double insulation.
SACE New Emax had protection trip units fitted with advanced electronic offering bespoke solutions for control and protection and important innovations, such as the brand new intuitive operator interface allowing a complete control of the system with just a few simply keystrokes.
Furthermore, there were innovative protections, alarms and connections to handheld and laptop PCs using bluetooth technology.

Service solutions

 Retrofit kits
 - Hard Bus Retrofill with Emax 2 (IEC/UL)
 - Direct Replacement E1...E6 with Emax 2 (IEC)

Spare parts
 Maintenance and repairs
 - Preventive maintenance
 - Corrective maintenance
 Factory reconditioning

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