Locknuts, Face Sealing Washers & End Sleeve


These accessories are compatible with all types of Harnessflex slit and unslit conduit.

  • Integral cable tie grooves with twin location points to assist fixing to conduit or connector.
  • Internal location lip provides internal protection during cable installation.
  • Multiple cable carrying capacity provides cable breakout facility in situations where sealing is not required.


  • ADR Approved
  • CE Mark to the low voltage directive 
  • RoHS Compliant to 2011/65/EU 
  • Conforms with end of life vehicle directive (ELV)EU200/53/EC 
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METRIC Part No. Thread size A B (A/F) PG Part No. Thread size A B (A/F)
LNP-M16 M16 x 1.5mm 7mm 19mm LNP-PG07 PG07 5mm 19mm
LNP-M20 M20 x 1.5mm 8mm 23mm LNP-PG09 PG09 5mm 22mm
LNP-M25 M25 x 1.5mm 9mm 28mm LNP-PG11 PG11 5mm 24mm
LNP-M32 M32 x 1.5mm 9mm 36mm LNP-PG13 PG13.5 6mm 27mm
LNP-M40 M40 x 1.5mm 10mm 46mm LNP-PG16 PG16 6mm 30mm
LNP-M50 M50 x 1.5mm 10mm 60mm LNP-PG21 PG21 7mm 36mm
LNP-PG29 PG29 7mm 46mm
LNP-PG36 PG36 9mm 56mm
LNP-PG48 PG48 9mm 59mm

Face Sealing Washer

METRIC Part No. Thread A PG Part No. Thread size A
SWM16 M16 1.5mm SWPG07 PG07 1.2mm
SWM20 M20 1.5mm SWPG09 PG09 1.2mm
SWM25 M25 1.5mm SWPG11 PG11 1.2mm
SWM32 M32 1.5mm SWPG13 PG13.5 1.2mm
SWM40 M40 1.5mm SWPG16 PG16 1.2mm
SWM50 M50 1.5mm SWPG21 PG21 1.2mm
SWPG29 PG29 1.2mm
SWPG36 PG36 1.2mm
SWPG48 PG48 1.2mm

End Sleeve

Part No. Conduit Size Outlet Dia. Range
ESN12 12 10 4 - 8mm
ESN16 16 13 5 - 9mm
ESN20 20 17 7 - 14mm
ESN25 25 22 9 - 17mm
ESN28 28 23 14 - 22mm
ESN32 32 29 16 - 32mm
ESN40 40 36 16 - 30mm

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