Chemical & Pharma applications 

The chemical industry produces very diverse products, everything from fertilizers to explosives such as nitroglycerin. The processes used in this industry mean that there are lots of applications for our range of Kopex-Ex® Flexible Conduit Systems to meet the safety requirements for these areas.

The ABB range of products and solutions are also ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether it is upstream in the primary production stage or downstream in the packing stage. Many of the processes and applications used in these areas require approvals to explosive atmospheres standards making our range of Kopex-Ex conduits and fittings ideal.

Product Selection
  • Chemical resistant
  • Protection level
  • Connectivity to other pieces of equipment
  • Consequence of downtime
  • Approval level required (Ex e, Ex d, etc.)
  • Approval specification required ATEX, IECEx

Products approved to a wide range of industry standards including: 

  • ATEX Europe DIrectives 94/9/EC
  • IECEx (International Scheme)
  • Zones 1, 2, 21, 22
  • IP66 ingress protection

Our offering

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