For maximum safety. Innovative fire barrier solutions for the rail industry.

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To fit all your requirements: Three flexible fire protection solutions, offering total planning and installation flexibility
As a leading global supplier of cable protection systems for use in rail applications, PMA has developed novel, innovative, EN 45545-3 compliant fire barrier solutions for combination with its proven cable protection Systems.

A PMA metal adapter is now available with built in intumescent material which can be used in combination with the standard range of PMA cable protection products approved for use in the rail industry. The adapters allow cables to be ducted through a fire wall without compromising the integrity and function of the fire wall. In the event of a fire the intumescent material swells to up to 40 times its original volume, sealing all cavities around and between the cables, preventing the propagation of fire and transport of smoke and gas along the cable protection system.

PMA fittings using strain relief cable clamping elements from Pflitsch have been available for many years. Special fire resistant Pflitsch clamping elements are now available which when integrated into a PMA fitting provide a secure and effective barrier against fire, smoke and gas for up to 15 minutes.
PMA has also developed an adapter including intumescent material which can be built into a Roxtec sealing system. Roxtec sealing modules are well known and proven in rail and ship building construction for decades. The specially designed PMA adapter fits perfectly into a Roxtec module providing a sealed System.

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