Bimetallic stainless steel connectors

Furse® bimetallic connectors are made from high quality stainless steel, providing the perfect connection between copper and aluminium conductors within a lightning protection system.

Available in a range of configurations that provide interconnection between various conductors types, these connectors can be utilised on any part of the lightning protection system where a secure bimetallic interface is required.

Product details

  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel grade 316L providing extensive protection and supplied with A4 grade fixings
  • Easy to install - designed with a slotted mounting hole for adjustment
  • Tightening torque 12 Nm
  • Fix using countersunk wood screw 1 1/2" No.10 or M6 (Part no. SW005 or SW105) and wall plugs (Part no.PS305)


  • IEC/BS EN 62561-1 Class H
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