Earthing of the lightning protection system is paramount for safety in order to protect life, electrical equipment and critical electronics systems from faults and lightning currents.

In addition to the right conductor for the application, an effective earthing system relies on joints and connections to have good electrical conductivity with high mechanical strength. Poorly chosen or badly installed joints and connectors can compromise the safe operation of an earthing system. 

Here at Furse, our earthing components are manufactured to meet exacting British, European and International standards, ensuring robust, long-lasting performance in even the harshest soil conditions.

An effective, low resistance route from lightning protection to earth

All Furse earthing components are designed to withstand mechanical damage, as well as the thermal and electromechanical stresses from the expected earth fault and leakage currents. These components when combined together, form the earth termination system - the vital system for dispersing those dangerous lightning and fault currents safely into the ground.

This integrated approach ensures all systems are appropriately cross-bonded and earthed, fully safeguarding against the risk of voltage differences which might otherwise give rise to flashover or electric shock.

From pipe clamps and metalwork bonds to connectors and accessible metal parts, through to low resistance copper conductora and high quality earth rods - Furse products are designed to perform.

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