ESP MC Series

The ESP MC Series is a combined Type 2 and 3 tested protector (to BS EN 61643) with telecom or network protection options. The ESP MC series can be used to protect all sorts of plug-in equipment, including hospital laboratory equipment, modems, fax machines and PCs.

Suitable for use on 220/230/240 Volts supplies. Available with British style (three square pin) plugs and sockets with double pole action. For use at boundaries LPZ 1 through to LPZ 3 to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

Features & benefits

  • Low let-through voltage between all sets of conductors
  • Three way visual indication of protection status
  • Protects against radio frequency interference
  • TN and Cat-5e versions can conveniently protect both mains and telecom/data lines in one unit
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction
  • Bracket kit ESP MC/19BK available for rear or 19” rack mounting
  • Maintenance free
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