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ESP RF Series

The ESP RF Series is a combined Category D, C, B tested protector (to BS EN 61643) suitable for RF systems using coaxial cables at frequencies between DC and 2.7 GHz and where DC power is present.
Suitable for RF systems with power up to 1.9 kW.

For use at boundaries up to LPZ 0 to protect against flashover (typically the service entrance location) through to LPZ 3 to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

Features & benefits

  • Very low let-through voltage (enhanced protection to IEC/BS EN 62305) between all lines
  • Full Mode design capable of handling partial lightning currents as well as allowing continual operation of protected equipment
  • Repeated protection in lightning intense environments
  • Superior transient protection to both Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) and Quarter Wave Stub (QWS) based protectors
  • Wide bandwidth means a single product is suitable for a range of applications
  • Very low attenuation and near unity VSWR over a wide range of frequencies ensure the protectors do not impair system performance
  • Available with N, 7/16 DIN and BNC connectors
  • Easily mounted and earthed via fixtures on the base of the unit that accept M3 and M5 screws or via mounting brackets
  • Additional mounting plates give increased flexibility
  • Robust aluminium housing