CR-U interface relays

Pluggable universal interface relays

The ABB CR-U pluggable interface relay range is used for electrical isolation, amplification and signal matching between the electronic controls – PLC, iPC or field bus systems – and the sensor / actuator level. The CR-U range offers up to 3 contacts in one relay with an intergrate test button, facilitating quick and easy comissioning. There are 12 different coil voltages available to suite applications worldwide.

Main benefits

• Up to 3 contacts in one relay reduce wiring time
• Manual test button reduces testing time
• Customizable with pluggable function modules

Main features

• 13 different coil voltages 12-220 V DC /12-230 V AC
• 2 c/o contacts (10 A), 3 c/o contacts (10 A)
• With or without integrated LED
• Integrated test button for manual actuation and locking of the output contacts
• Logic and standard sockets
• Pluggable function modules such as RC elements and varistors available



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