Interface relays and optocouplers

Enabling Power and Communication

The ABB  interface relays and optocouplers  portfolio offers a variety of electromechanical and solid relays which ensure galvanic isolation, reliable voltage conversion and circuit multiplication in the control systems and circuitry.
Our relays ensure the reliable signal switching of AC and DC loads and provide electrical isolation for sensitive electronics such as PLCs, used in wide assortment  of machinery. The wide variety of pluggable interface relays and optocouplers are to be used in combination with standard or logical sockets available with screw or push-in terminals. 

Suitable for extreme environments, ABB’s interface relays and  optocouplers range are available at different coil voltages. Environmentally friendly, cadmium-free and lead-free, ABB interface relays and optocouplers meet RoHS requirements. Complete versions consisting of a relay, socket, holder, marker and function module are available in this range.

Main benefits

  • Safe and reliable galvanic isolation, voltage conversion & circuit multiplication
  • Highest contact ratings
  • Pluggable modules for the additional functionality

Main features

  • Coil voltages from 5 V DC up to 230 V AC
  • Up to 16 A contact ratings
  • Up to 4 output contacts
  • Integrated test button for manual operation
  • Gold plated contacts available for lowest contact resistivity
  • Pluggable function modules such as RC elements available
  • Sockets with screw or push-in terminals

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