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CP-C.1 power supplies

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The CP-C.1 power supplies are ABB’s high-performance and most advanced range. With excellent efficiency, high reliability and innovative functionality it is prepared for the most demanding industrial applications. These power supplies have a 50 % integrated power reserve and operate at an efficiency of up to 94 %. They are equipped with overheat protection and active power factor correction.
Combined with a broad AC and DC input range and extensive worldwide approvals the CP-C.1 power supplies are the preferred choice for professional DC applications. ATEX and IECEx approval are available for the use in hazardous areas.

Main benefits:
  • Power reserve and switching of high peak currents keep your application running
  • High efficiency of up to 94 % leads to less energy consumption thus saving money and space while avoiding development of heat
  • Reliable in harsh environments due to application under extreme temperatures conditions
  • Coated PCBA version for hazardous locations available
  • Additional redundancy unit CP-C.1-A-RU available to establish true redundancy

Main features:
  • Rated output voltage 24 V DC
  • Rated output currents 5 A, 10 A, 20 A
  • Rated output powers 120 W, 240 W, 480 W
  • High efficiency up to 94 %
  • Ambient temperature range during operation -25...+70 °C
  • Extended ambient temperature range during operation -40...+70 °C with coated PCBA version
  • Free convection cooling (no forced cooling with ventilators)

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