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Electronic compact starters

A compact starter with great functionality

Electronic compact starters are innovative hybrid starters. Direct-on-line, reversed starting, motor overload protection and emergency stop are all fully integrated. It combines the benefits of solid-state electronics and a mechanical relay to deliver highest performance over an exceptionally long lifetime. Due to its width of only 22.5 mm, the  HF range will be the technology of choice where space is limited.

Product benefits:
  • Reliable in harsh environments such as oil and gas, chemical industries
  • Forward and reverse running, motor protection, emergency stop: all included
  • Space saving up to 90% with only 22.5 mm width
  • Up to 75% reduced time in wiring and installation, therefore less error-prone wiring
  • Load free switching of mechanical contacts due to solid state bypass, reduces power loss by up to 34%.

Product features:
  • Approved for use in hazardous environments
  • Up to 3 kW, 400 V AC and 9 A for resistive loads
  • Fits on DIN rail
  • Controlled via 24VDC PLC output
  • Prewired reversing starter
  • Electrical life: 30 millions operating cycles.

Hazardous area approvals:

  • ATEX.

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