Electronic compact starters

A compact starter with more functionality built in

ABB’s electronic compact starters are innovative hybrid starters with direct-on-line, reversed starting, motor overload protection and emergency stop functions all fully integrated. 
The devices combine the benefits of solid-state electronics and a mechanical relay to deliver high performance over an exceptionally long lifetime. With a narrow width of just 22.5 mm, the HF range is the technology of choice for applications that need space savings.

Main benefits

• Forward and reverse running, motor protection, emergency stop functions all included
• Space savings of up to 90% – just 22.5 mm wide
• Up to 75% less time spent wiring and installation, 
• With more functions built in, wiring error risks are minimized
• Solid state bypass supports load-free switching of mechanical contacts, reducing power losses by up to 34%

Main features

• Up to 3 kW, 400 V AC and 9 A for resistive loads
• Fits on DIN rail
• Controlled via 24VDC PLC output
• Prewired reversing starter
• Electrical life: 30 million operating cycles
• ATEX, SIL3 and PL e approvals


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